• Chlorine

    Chlorine dries out the skin and causes irritation and itchiness, GoClean reduces 99% of the Chlorine

  • Microplastics

    Microplastics have been shown to cause damage to human cells, including micro-abrasions and harm the skin

  • Hard Water

    To hard water contains excessive amounts Ca2+ & Mg2+ that block pores and cause skin irritation

  • Various contaminations

    Your water may be full off various contaminations like rust, lead, algae, micro organisms and more that can harm and dry out your skin

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Less Acne Breakouts

Decreased hard water & less contaminants equals less breakouts

Improved Hydration

Reduced Chlorine means better hydrated and softer skin

Efficient Skincare

Cleaner water makes your skincare products more efficient

Water quality makes a difference...

Scientific research leaves no doubt: tap water can affect both skin and internal health, especially for those with sensitive, dry, or mature skin, impacting overall well-being

  • ★★★★★

    Wow! Who would have thought that the secret to getting rid of my acne was filtering my water?! After reading new literature about tap water in the UK, I decided to give GoClean a try. And after 30 days or so, I saw huge improvements! Recommend for sure!!!

    Sarah Olsson

  • ★★★★★

    When I found out my tap water was heavily chlorinated, I decided to try filtering my water, and wow, after a couple of weeks, my skin was way more moist and less dry and flaky.

    Cassandra Alcars

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Millions off chemicals and pharmaceuticals

present in tap water remain both transparent and unnoticeable. Extensive exposure to these substances can lead to the deterioration of the outer skin layer and accelerate the aging process.

The American Academy of Dermatology


Everything you need to know answered here

How do I know that GoClean fits my faucet?

At present, GoClean is compatible with approximately 90% of all faucets featuring a circular, removable aerator. Your kit includes 6 adapters designed to accommodate various faucet sizes.

Feel free to contact our support team for help support@goclean-online.com

Is it hard to install GoClean?

Not at all! It is super easy and done in 5 minutes with the instruction manual.

How often should I replace the filter cartridge?

If you use the filter daily, we recommend replacing the filter every 3 months to keep the performance optimal. If you use the filter more seldom, you can wait longer until replacing.

What result can I expect?

Many users report improvements in about 2 weeks, the improvements reported is:

  • Improved skin hydration
  • Less breakouts
  • Decrease in redness & irritation
  • More Energized
  • Improved state of wellbeing

What's in the filter?

The filtration system comprises six stages incorporating various materials. The first stage employs activated carbon to efficiently eliminate chlorine. The remaining stages utilize proprietary filter technology.

How can I contact GoClean?

Feel free to reach out to us via email at Support@goclean-online.com, and our dedicated customer service team will gladly assist you with any inquiries or assistance you require!

What is included when I buy GoClean?

  • GoClean faucet filter
  • GoClean filter cartridge
  • 6 Different adapters
  • Mounting tool
  • Instruction manual

How long will it take to receive my order?

The average shipping time is 5-11 days.